How to run JRockit Mission Controll with JBoss 7

Due to [AS7-1859] issue it is not possible to connect to JBoss7 via java agent. But fortunately there is other way.

1. Start JRMC:

Start JRMC as you usually do, but this time add following parameters:

where {JBOSS_HOME} points to JBoss 7 home directory, and {JROCKIT_HOME} points to JRockit JDK instalation folder. Also double check if libraries are present, as they vary from JB version (those above are valid for JBoss 7.1.1)

2. Create new JRockit connector:

In JRMC go to “connectors -> add connection”, and use following properties:

  • Host JDK version: Custom JMX service URL 
  • JMX service URL: service:jmx:remoting-jmx://{JBOSS_SERVER_HOST}:{JBOSS_MANAGEMENT_NATIVE_PORT} 



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