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How to access remotely EJB on JBoss 7.1

Here is a code snippet that I use successfully:


How to create mysql xa-datasource on JBoss 7.1

To create datasource with distributed transactions support, you should follow those steps:

1. Create mysql connector module on server

Add following structure in folder ’{JBOSS_HOME}\modules:

  • /com
    • /mysql
      • /main
        • module.xml
        • mysql-connector-java-5.1.25-bin.jar

Where module.xml contains:

 2. Create xa-datasource

Add datasource definitions to server config file, where by default is used ‘standalone.xml’ from ‘{JBOSS_HOME}\standalone\configuration’

NoAccessRuntimeException while deploying mBean on weblogic 8.1

NoAccessRuntimeException will be thrown if current JNDI user has not sufficient privileges to some operations on JMX server.

But exception can also occur when InitialContext is not closed after lookup. Problem is really hard to debug as exception is thrown in different thread.

Ways to solve NoAccessRuntimeException:
  1. Add your JNDI user to group administrators in weblogic server.
  2. Find places where you create InitialContext and close it after use!

Here is code snippet: